The Brazilian premium television industry has grown considerably over the last few years. Today, it reaches an audience of more than 52 million viewers, in screens everywhere, at the same time we see the beginning of a virtuous cycle in audiovisual content production. This is a unique moment which requires bold actions; and keeping it in perspective, this workshop is helping consolidate the irreversible changes happening in Pay TV in Brazil. With a mandate to produce three and a half -hours of original content in primetime every week, television production is at an all time high. However, Brazilians have no tradition of producing the format Pay TV is mostly made of, scripted series. We’ve embraced this challenge as a mission, and are determined to cultivate a new generation of screenwriters. We worked with a very small group in a very inspiring city and generated 12 potentially great series. Our mentors were the crème de la crème of screenwriting in the most important entertainment industry in the world: successful creators, writers, show-runners and managers actively working in US television. They conducted lectures and labs collaboratively, sharing their wealth of experience in five intense, creative, informative, fun days. Our mission was and still is to develop and foster a new generation of screenwriters. We began with STORY Seminar led by screenwriting master Robert Mckee, followed with Workshop and Master Classes with Marta Kauffman, Dan Halsted, Barry Schkolnick and Anthony Zuiker in intense intense, creative, informative, and fun days.


Our goal was --and is -- to identify original ideas and transform them into great plots and scripts, ready to be presented to the market. We tried to enable and inspire Brazilian screenwriters to master their creations, and generate meaningful entertaining stories with complex and interesting characters. More objectively, perfect 12 original ideas into 12 great pitches, treatments, outlines and scripts in a way they could be picked up by any of Globosat’s channels. Mentors shared their know-how by dissecting and analyzing their own and their peers’ winning series, identifying the structural elements that make them successful. Students understood expressions such as "weekly franchise" or “major arc” versus “multiple subplots”, and “complex characters” instead of “complex stories”.


Robert McKee, a Fulbright Scholar, is among the most widely known screenwriting lecturers. He teaches an enjoyable and information packed 4-day, 32-hour intensive class to sold-out audiences around the world. McKee’s former students include 59 Academy Award winners, 214+ Academy Award Nominations, 170 Emmy Award winners, 500+ Emmy Award nominations, 30 WGA (Writers Guild of America) Award winners, 180+ WGA Award nominations, and 26 DGA (Directors Guild of America) Award winners, 52+ DGA Award nominations, (all participated in McKee’s course before or after winning their award; not all were awarded for writing). He was profiled by Bob Simon of 60 Minutes for CBS news, and CNN recently did a profile and review of McKee and the Story Seminar. Since 1984, more than 100,000 students have taken McKee’s course, at various cities around the world: Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Toronto, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Helsinki, Oslo, Munich, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Singapore, Barcelona, Stockholm, São Paulo, Colombia, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and many more. The notable writers and actors such as Geoffrey Rush, Paul Haggis, Akiva Goldsman, William Goldman, Joan Rivers, Meg Ryan, Rob Row, David Bowie, Kirk Douglas, John Cleese, Steve Pressfield, among many others have taken his seminar.


Marta Kauffman is co-creator of Friends, an iconic series in the history of television. Originally broadcast by NBC, Friends has been exhibited in several countries and continues to be shown in reruns, maintaining a large audience even long after its last episode in 2004. In 2011, Marta created Five for Lifetime channel, a TV Movie that tell five stories focused on breast cancer. In 2013 a second TV Movie with “Five More” stories (Call Me Crazy). Read More »


Dan Halsted represents major film and television screenwriters and directors. His Manage-ment company manages talent behind hits such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Royal Pains, and The Sopranos. Most recently, one of his young talents was co-author of Beasts of the Southern Wild, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Film. Dan Halsted icurrently has a first look deal with Fox Television Studios to develop a TV series.Read More »


Barry Schkolnick has been writing and directing TV series for more than 20 years. But it was Law & Order that brought him the highest praise. He wrote 15 episodes for the show and was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award. Schkolnick has recently co-directed USA Network’s In Plain Sight and was a screenwriter for CBS’s The Good Wife. He is currently part of the screenwriting team for the show Unforgettable, also on CBS. Read More »


Not only did Anthony E. Zuiker develop a blockbuster television series with CSI; he built an entertainment empire that transformed television programming and advertising as we know it. He created the most watched series in the world. And Anthony shares his journey from a down on his luck kid from Las Vegas to television luminary in inspiring and motivational lectures.