“The love of Robert McKee is the story of a wonderful humility and grandeur, a mix of Bogart with Sinatra. It’s beautiful to see someone more in tune with the relevant principles in this world money and only returned to profit. “- Russell Brand, actor, writer, producer, comedian.

“Robert McKee is original. His seminar ‘STORY’ is a proof of talent, compassion and depth. Good solid sense! Mckee emphasizes basic principles that few writers know . “- Brian Cox, Actor Emmy winner, who played the role of Robert McKee in Adaptation movie

“McKee gives the writer a set of guidelines very liberating.”

The context behind this statement: Geoffrey Rush is living “a forced sabbatical “after two years of intense work in film and venturing into a script. Driven by curiosity, he attended a seminar by Robert McKee, thinking it might be interesting to hear what he had to teach as a way to refract their “idéiasembriônicas.” “I thought it would be more full of formulas, but it is not. It provides a set of guidelines very liberating . ” – Geoffrey Rush,The King’s Speech

“… Stimulating, innovative, agradavelmentepragmático.” – Lawrence Kasdan, Director / Roteiristaganhador Oscar for The Empire Strikes Back, The Big Chill, The Accidental Tourist

“He is not only the best screenwriting mentor I ever had, but my best mentor of anything”

“You stole concepts of Bob several times and they have always worked” – Steve Pressfield, author of the bestselling Legendo of Beggar Vance, Gates of Fire. War ofArt

“Mckee shaped the path that led me to writing and was of enormous importance in my career” – Tom Hallman, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer

“Robert McKee is the Guru of Gurus” – Peter Jackson, producer, writer, director of The Lord of the Rings

“All I know about plot structure learned from Robert McKee. Point. “- Paul Haggis, winner of two Oscars (Crash, Million Dollar Baby, Casino Royal …)