Words from McKee
(on the critical sense of the writer)

“Of the five characteristics that any writer must have – capacity analysis, insight, knowledge of art, interpretation and critical thinking – is critical thinking that will serve as the foundation for all”.

“And critical thinking means love the quality and aversion to mediocrity.”

“Professional critic Sense sharpens with honest insights.”

“If the amateur has questionable taste and little critical sense, true artists have immense criticism, sometimes even excessive.”

“Critical Sense of creativity is based on results, not intentions.”

Words from McKee
(on “Story”)

“Story is about principles, not rules.”
“Story is about eternal, universal forms, not formulas.”
“Story is about efficiency and no shortcuts.”
“Story is about the realities and not the mysteries of writing.”
“Story is on originality, respect for the public and about to become expert in the art. ”

Words from McKee
(About good writers)

“Good stories require wonderful writers. The biggest challenge for any writer is to know that they always need to wipe the text and, if necessary, wipe over and over. That means they need to be ruthless with the intention of touching our hearts and minds. In order to do this, they need to express the maximum value of history with a minimum of words. Every good writer recognizes that the mark of a master’s work with love and technique. So get ready to select just a few moments from thousands of possibilities but stay forever. “