‘Story’ Seminar with Robert McKee

“A plot is tacking content does not a narrative, but, drawing a series of events that lead us to a climax with substance.” -Robert Mckee

Among the many mentors dedicated to teaching and writing for television, Mckee is unique and a master. Whatever the experience, or working vehicle, after McKee, students are invariably have greater creative control over his scripts. His laureate academic experience, his work as an actor and director and more profound knowledge of writing in all media platforms enable Robert McKee to make writers learn to think beyond formulas and techniques, using basic principles to take their most bold creative decisions in life, whether in film, literature, theater or television.

His students have won 49 Oscars and more than 170 Emmys, Pulitzer Prizes and Whitbread (Costa Book).

The hallmark of McKee combines classic teaching, passion for the subject and a ruthless determination to create storylines with meaning and truth, making him the master storytelling of his era, an Aristotle multimedia of today.

Bio McKee

foto-robertRobert McKee, a Fulbright Scholar, has dedicated the last 30 years to educating and mentoring over 55,000 screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, poets, documentary makers, producers, and directors internationally. Some of thenotablewriters and actors to have taken his course are: Geoffrey Rush, Paul Haggis, AkivaGoldsman, William Goldman, Joan Rivers, Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, Kirk Douglas, John Cleese, Russell Brand, Steve Pressfield, Ed Saxon, and many more. In 2000, Mr. McKee was awarded the International Moving Image Book Award for his book Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting, which has become required reading for film and cinema schools at Harvard, Yale, UCLA, USC and Tulane universities. The book was on the Los Angeles Times best-seller list for 20 weeks and has been called the “Bible for Screenwriting”. It has been translated into over 20 languages.

Robert McKee Alumni have earned: 49 Academy Awards (196+ Nominations), 170 + Emmy Awards (500 + Nominations), 30 + WGA Awards (180 + Nominations), 26 +DGA Award (50+ Nominations), Pulitzer Prizes & Whitbread Prizes.



In consideration of his seminary, please note the suggestion:

1 Please be punctual. The Story seminar will begin at 9 imperatively: 00h, acada morning. Arrears will be accommodated at the end of the room, exchanging places serãopermitidas not until the first coffee break at 11: 00h. Plan your arrival on Thursday AS8: 00h to receive your kit and your credential.

2 Mr. permitecelulares McKeenão in class. Please make sure seuaparelho OFF to accommodate in the room.

3. exchanging text messages during class is not permitted.

Computers 4 – seats the end of the room will be a priority for decomputadores users, to avoid distraction of non-users. To bring your notebook to class ouipad, make sure the battery is charged. There nasala made available.

5 If you need to get up regularly (issues of health, comfort, etc.), swing it seem a place of free access, the end of row and end of the room.

Inside the room just 6 bottles of water, except for Mr. McKee, queestará on stage daily for 8 hours will be allowed.

7 Mr. McKee only answer questions during breaks, according daquantidade mass of material he will be covered during the seminar. Note suasquestões to clarify during these occasions.

8 Please use your badge at all times in a conspicuous place. It is your identification and seránecessário shows it every time you enter the room.

9 is not allowed to record or transcribe the seminar.

10 Routes of movie CASABLANCA are available for purchase at sitewww.mckeestore.com if you want to acquire to study before class Sunday when their detailed analysis will be done.

11 If you need special accommodations, please notify us antecipadamente.Faremos possible to serve you in the best way.

12 Bring a sweater, the temperature in the room can vary and usually be fine maisfresco than on the street.

13 Feel free to bring pillows or similar to use in your seat. Are muitashoras per day, we want to be comfortable.



STRONGLY CITED (more than five minutes of discussion) CASABLANCA • • Justice for All • Chinatown • The Sniper • Diabolique • The Godfather I & II • Shark• Kiss of the Spider Woman • Kramer vs. Kramer • Life is Beautiful • Mrs. Soffel – A Forbidden Love • Nurse Jackie • Ordinary People • Fri andthe City • Star Wars: Episodes I, II, V & A • Tender Mercies • The Reader

MODERATELY CITED (less than five minutes of discussion)
• A Fish Called Wanda
• After Hours
• Alien
• American Beauty
• Amadeus
• Artificial Intelligence
• Mission Bridesmaids
• Brokeback Mountain
• Carnal Knowledge
• Death in Venice
• Frasier
• Leaving Las Vegas
• Rocky
• A Streetcar Named Desire
• Terminator
• The English Patient