Marta Kauffman is the co-creator of Friends, one of the most important series in the history of television. She and her university colleague, David Crane, wrote the show inspired by the experiences they lived in Nova York during their University years. Originally broadcasted by American network NBC, Friends has been exhibited in several countries and continues to be shown in reruns, maintaining a large audience even long after its last episode in 2004. Over the course of 10 years it had 236 episodes, and the series finale was watched by 51.1 million people in the United States alone.

Friends was awarded with seven Emmys, one Golden Globe, two SAG Awards, plus 56 other awards and 152 nominations. On opinion surveys by TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, Friends often appears among the three favorite sitcoms of all time.
In 2011, Marta created Five to Lifetime channel, a TV Movie that tell five stories focused on breast cancer, one of them produced and directed by Jennifer Aniston. Alicia Keys and Demi Moore also signed stories. 2013 will see the debut of Five More.

Marta Kauffman was born in Philadelphia and is married to the composer of Friends’ opening tune, Michael Skloff. They have three children: Hannah, Sam and Rose.


Dan Halsted represents the main screenwriters and directors of American series and films. His agency, Manage-ment, created in 2004, showcases huge successes such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Royal Pains, The Sopranos. Plus, one of his young talents was the scriptwriter for Beasts of the Southern Wild, which has recently been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Film.

Halsted’s Hollywood career began with legendary producer Scott Rudin, at 20th Century Fox. As an agent at United Talent Agency he made countless films possible, among them: The Fabulous Baker Boys, K-9, Alien, Predator, The Untouchables.

During the 1990’s, Dan Halsted started a partnership with Oliver Stone, creating Illusion Entertainment. Together they produced, among others, Nixon, Any Given Sunday, in addition to the documentary films The Last Days of Kennedy and King for Turner. In 1999, Halsted opened his own production company, signing The Virgin Suicides, SWAT and the Witchblade series for TNT. One of his most recent works as a film producer was the awarded Garden State, sold for 5 million dollars to Miramax and Fox Searchligh Pictures.

Nowadays, Dan Halsted is under contract with Fox Studios to develop TV series. Among his projects, there is The Enclave, from the same creators as Mad Men.


Barry Schkolnick has been writing and directing TV series for more than 20 years. He has recently co-directed USA Network’s In Plain Sight and was a screenwriter for CBS’s The Good Wife. He is currently part of the screenwriting team for the show Unforgettable, also on CBS.

Having graduated in Law from the New York University School of Law, it’s no surprise that Schkolnick stands out for his work as a screenwriter for legal drama series. His TV breakthrough came with David E. Kelly, the executive producer on the show L.A. Law, who had also started out life as a lawyer. Schkolnick was part of L.A.Law’s screenwriting team when the series was awarded its last Emmy for Best Drama.

From then on came Law & Order, The Guardian, The Division, Medical Investigation, In Justice, The Dresden Files and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

But it was Law & Order that brought Barry Schkolnick the highest praise. He wrote 15 episodes for the show and was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Drama Episode, with“Savages”, alongside Morgan Gendel and Michael S. Chernuchin. Additionally, Law & Order won the Emmy for Best Drama Series only once. Schkolnick was one of the screenwriters during that awarded season.

Barry Schkolnick lives in Los Angeles with his wife Caroline and has two daughters: Emily and Laura.


Anthony Zuiker, creator and executive producer of the CSI franchise, has a legendary Hollywood rags to riches story. As a struggling young writer, Zuiker operated a tram for Las Vegas’ famed Mirage Hotel to make ends meet. Soon enough, his talent for writing brought him to Hollywood, where his work found its way to Hollywood mega- producer Jerry Bruckheimer. And not only did Anthony E. Zuiker develop a blockbuster television series; but in 15 years he built an entertainment empire that transformed television programming and advertising as we know it. A world-wide phenomenon, the CSI franchise has taken up regular residence in Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 broadcast ratings, received an astounding 28 Emmy nominations and helped CBS regain its spot as the number-one rated network on television.

In July of 2011, Zuiker, and his production company Dare to Pass, signed a three-year first-look deal with ABC Studios to develop new scripted series in partnership with Brillstein Entertainment Partners. They are currently producing two projects for the network, a one-hour drama called Wonderland, and a reality game show called Whodunnit?.

Anthony Zuiker has also been applying his creative talents to the emerging world of cross- platform storytelling. In 2012, he launched BlackBoxTV, a premium YouTube channel, with content geared towards suspense and sci-fi, and his own anthology series, Anthony E. Zuiker Presents, creating a testing ground for new pilots and projects that push the boundaries of scripted entertainment.

In addition to re-inventing television, online programming and motion pictures, Zuiker has delved in the world of publishing. His interactive three-part Digi-Novel series Level 26. The Digi-Novel took the best features of books, film, and interactive digital technologies and combined them into a unique storytelling experience. Written and directed by Zuiker, the digital component of Level 26 has been collectively viewed more than a million times and the site has grown to include over 100,000 members.

Zuiker’s memoir, Mr. CSI, published by HarperCollins, was released in November 2011.


Scott Buck began his TV career writing for such network sitcoms as COACH and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, before making the move into premium cable. He served as Co-Executive Producer on HBO’s SIX FEET UNDER, and was noted for writing the controversial “That’s My Dog” episode. He then worked for HBO’s ROME as Co-Executive Producer before moving to Showtime’s DEXTER, where he worked for seven seasons, the final three in the position of Showrunner. He has been nominated for seven primetime Emmys and six Writers Guild of America Awards, and has twice been honored with Peabody Awards. He is married to actress Dianna Miranda. They have two children.


Darren Star is the Creator and Executive Producer of three of the last decades most popular television phenomena: the award winning “Sex and The City”, as well as “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Melrose Place.” Each show broke new ground by presenting teens, twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings centering on them, dealing with issues that television had previously not depicted realistically. These shows hooked viewers becoming significant elements of pop culture.

In his early 20’s Star was asked by FOX to create a series set in the world of high school. The result was “Beverly Hills, 90210” which became one of the longest running series in television history. Following the success of “90210” Star created “Melrose Place”, another long running TV triumph. Star brought “Sex and The City” to HBO with its adult tone and cinematic style, setting out to push the boundaries of comedy on the small screen, and that remains one of the most influential and popular series of all time, and made way for two successful feature films. Among Star’s other credits are the acclaimed series; “Good Christian Belles”, “Cashmere Mafia”, “Miss Match” and “Kitchen Confidential”


Cláudio Paiva is a cartoonist and screenwriter. In 1984, he created successful comic tabloid “O PlanetaDiário”, where he stayed until 1988. He then migrated to television to create weekly sitcom “TV Pirata”. He was also head writer of a few very popular sitcoms, such as “Sai de Baixo”, “A Grande Família” and “Tapas & Beijos”, still airing on Globo TV.


Marcelo Madureira is a screenwriter and comedian, founding member of comic tabloid “Casseta Popular”, that went on to become monthly magazine “Almanaque Casseta Popular”. In 1992, after joining forces with “O PlanetaDiário”, he appeared on TV for the first time as star and writer of the TV version of the tabloid, which became the sitcom “Casseta & Planeta, Urgente”.


Mauro Wilson is a Globo veteran. He has written teen soaps, weekly magazine formats, variety show, children’s shows, specials and sitcoms. He was also head writer of sketch show “OsTrapalhões”, “Casseta&Planeta, Urgente”, “Sai de Baixo” and “Megaton”; and staff writer of Emmy winning “A MulherInvisível”. Mauro is currently head writer of Globo’s sitcom “A Grande Família”.


Rosana Ferrão is a marketing Master of Middlesex University, UK, that has been in television since 2004. She’s been part of writing teams of sitcoms “Junto&Misturado (TV Globo), “Cilada” (Multishow), “CêFaz o Quê?” (Multishow), “Sensacionalista” and “VaiQue Cola”, all for Globosat’sMultishow channel.


Bráulio Mantovani got his masters in screenwriting at the Universidad Autônoma de Madrid, and has worked as a play writer and screenwriter since 1987. For TV, he’s done educational series (Telecurso 2000, TV Cultura, Canal Futura and TV Escola) and long form (“A Teia”).And for film, his credits include” City of God”, “Elite Squad”, ‘Last Stop Bus 174”, “VIPS”, among others. He was nominated for an Academy Award for “City of God”.


Carolina Kotscho is a writer and film and TV producer. She started in 1994 and has produced over 50 different series since then. In 2005, her first feature film “2 Filhos de Francisco” was a box office hit. Currently she writes “A Teia” for Globo TV with BraulioMantovani.


Euclydes Marinho, has written soap operas, feature films, miniseries and long form, the first being groundbreaking “Ciranda Cirandinha” in 1978 for TVGlobo. Since then, with Globo, he has created a number of hits that include “MaluMulher” (1979/80), “ArmaçãoIlimitada” (1985), “Sai de Baixo” (1996), “A Vida Como Ela É” (1996) and “Mulher” (1998). Euclydes was also nominated for an International Emmy for “O Brado Retumbante” in 2012.


Jaqueline Vargas has been a screenwriter for the past 13 years, with credits that include telenovela “Floribella 1 e 2” (Band), “Malhação” (Globo), “Vende-se um Véu de Noiva” (SBT). She has published three novels, including one inspired by the series “In Treatment” she currently adapts for Moonshot/GNT.


Lucas Paraizo graduated in Cuba, at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de Cuba, where he also lectures once a year. He got his masters in Barcelona, at the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals da Catalunyaand Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and is currently writing Globo’s “A Teia” with BráulioMantovani and Carolina Kotscho, and the telenovela “O Rebu”. His most important feature films are “La Fura in Vivo” (2007), “Laura” (2011) and “A memóriaque me contam” (2013).

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